Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Victoria, Victoria Beckham

I adore all of Victoria Beckhams new line, Victoria. It went on sale yesterday and has sold out completely already, unsurprisingly. I thought the store layout looked really fresh and young, very chic!

Kooky cat heads, inspired by the character Emily Strange.

My favourite dress form the collection, so simple and timeless.

I will always love Victoria Beckham and admire her work as designer, I'm glad that she's so respected in the fashion world.

Love Always,

Abi x x x

Monday, 30 January 2012

Lara Stone and Kate Moss for LOVE.

Love Magazine have just releases a photograph from their upcoming issue (out February 6th!) of Kate Moss and Lara Stone shot by Mario Testino. The both look fresh faced and young in the picture, with freckly faces and flowers in their hair, just beautiful. I love the way the blue and green background contrasts their summery blonde hair as well. 

Love Always,

Abi x x x

Lea Michele Is Hot.

Lea Michele looked amazing in a daring Versace gown at the SAG Awards last night. She always does red carpet so well and works the camera like no one else, with her sultry eyes and pouty lips! What a babe.

Love Always,

Abi x x x

Rachel The Vampire

Rachel Zoe appears in the newest edition of Love magazine as a sort of ethereal vampire. I was completely shocked by this look and it took me a while to realise that i was actually her, interesting to see another side to her. A beautiful photograph of a beautiful lady! 

Love Always,

Abi x x x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Reversible Jeans? Jeanius.

I really love these new reversible bleulab Jean, they've had amazing reviews. What a good idea, I could really do with a pair, unfortunately I am a student and my budget doesn't stretch this far. But it's good to dream!


Love always, 

Abi x 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Taylor is beautiful.

I absolutely adore Taylor Swifts Vogue shoot. It's so nice to see her looking different, although i adore her curly hair it's refreshing to see her exploring a different style. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl.

Love always,

Abi x x x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Floral top and Green Skirt.

Today I was thinking about how much I really want it to be summer, like now. It's not even spring yet! Went for a walk in the park with some friends and have spent the rest of the day cleaning, not very glamarous but ridiculously necessary when living in student accommodation. I'm going to do some Uni work later on, got a project due in a few weeks so I guess I better get it done soon. 

Today I wore, 
Barbour style coat, Asos
Leopard Print Cardigan, H+M
Floral Top, Zara
Green Skirt, H+M (Eloise's Wardrobe)
Leopard Print Shoes, New Look

I love mixing prints together, and tend to love anything leopard print! The skirt is beautifully gathered and I like how the oversized top sort of hangs over the high waist. 

You should probably know that a lot of the clothes i wear are my friend Eloise's, we have a bit of a double wardrobe situation going on as we share a room. There's a link to her blog at the top, follow her she's amazing! 

Love always,


x x x